The interpretation workshop for environmental education (EE) was conducted in the Anzali Wetland EE Center in Selkeh on 13th December, 2015. 27 participants from Kanoon and 11 NGOs attended the workshop.

The instructor was Mr. Shintani who is in charge of ecotourism in the project. He has so many experiences of interpretation in Japan and all over the world. The interpretation technique is very effective not only for ecotourism but also for environmental education activities.

EE sub-committee is promoting the EE activities by utilizing the Anzali Wetland Environmental Education Center in Selkeh with nature-based experiential program as one of the Joint Pilot Activity. In case of Japan, nature-based experiential programs are recommended and promoted because nature-based experiences foster children’s behaviour to protect the nature. Interpretation is the effective technique for nature-based EE program. That was good opportunity of technical transfer from Mr. Shintani to staff of Kanoon and NGOs.

At the beginning of the program, he lectured the interpretation technique based on his experiences of all over the world. Practical lesson of two games related to wetland ecosystem was secondly implemented. Heated discussion was held at the end of the program.

The participants studied and enjoyed the workshop very much. They were very eager to participate further more programs of the interpretation by Mr. Shintani as the next step.

JICA Expert Team (JET) strongly hopes the participants will apply the interpretation technique to their own EE programs including the program to promote the Anzali Wetland conservation. In addition, JET will conduct further EE programs for the Anzali Wetland conservation as Joint Pilot Activities.