The workshop has been held in Conference Room of DOE Gilan for 25 students from University of Gilan at Bachelor and Master’s level in 25th November.

Mr. Masanouri Shintani, ecotourism expert of JICA Expert Team, gave a presentation on interpretation and its position in interpretive designing. At the beginning of the workshop Mr. Shintani gave some examples about environmental issues in different countries and defined environmental education, ecotourism and interpretation technique.

He pointed to some applications of interpretation to present natural and cultural values of an area to tourists which lead to conservation of natural and cultural values of an area.

Mr. Shintani gave some examples on interpretive designing of Visitor Centers in other countries, pointing to use of creative techniques for designing interpretive displays. Specific of the displays links tourists’ minds to cultural and environmental values.

Finally in the Question/Answer part, the students asked questions and expressed interest in the presented concepts.