In order to celebrate World Wetland Day, an internet video conference was held between the students of Sharaf Higher Secondary School in Anzali city near the Anzali Wetland and Koryo High School near the Kushiro Wetland in Hokkaido pref. Japan. Education Organization, Department of Environment and JICA Expert Team supported the Sharaf School and Kushiro International Wetland Centre (KIWC)  supported the Koryo High School in the conference.

Both wetlands are registered in Ramsar Convention. Kushiro Wetland is the first wetland in Japan which has been registered as Ramsar Site in 1980.

Iranian and Japanese students while having Skype audio video internet connection introduced their school, life, culture and ecology of two areas where these two wetlands are located in, and provided environmental information, and introduced the environmental activities performed by students in relation with environment management and in discussion part, deepened their understanding and information.

JICA Expert Team will continue to support both schools in cooperation with KIWC.


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