On 2nd February, 2019; the World Wetland Day, internet conference was held between the peoples from / related to NGOs working in Anzali Wetland and Kushiro Wetland at Healthy City Forum located in Kushyar Gilani Center of the Observatory, behind the Eynak Wetland, as an activity of Environmental Education Sub Committee. The purposes of the conference are to share the learning of guide activities of both NGOs, to make good friendship between Iran and Japan, and to celebrate the World Wetland Day.

From the Anzali side, Mr.Akhlaghi (Deputy Director of Education Organization) JICA Expert Team (Mr. Watanabe, Mr.Yanehashi, Ms.Farahbakhsh, and Mr.Fard), and more than 30 members from 3 NGOs (GWYES (Gilan Women and Youths Environmentalist Society), GWEPS (Gilan Women against Environmental Pollution Society), and SEI (Sarzamin-e- Ideal ma Environmental Institute) were participated.

From the Kushiro side, Mr.Kikuchi, Secretary General, Kushiro International Wetland Centre (KIWC), Mr.Suzuki, Director, Natural Environment Team of JICA HQ, Mr.Aoki, Chief Advisor of JICA Expert Team, and around 20 members from Association of Kushiro Wetland “Yachi-no-kai” were participated.

In the conference, each NGOs introduced their activities and learning from the experience in very positive attitude. In the discussion time, one of the NGO members confirmed the future relationship and continuous learning from each other.

At the end, Mr. Akhlaghi, and Mr. Kikuchi exchanged their impressions and expectation for further friendship between Anzali and Kushiro relations as closing remarks.