The first Training Course of the curriculum “Human and Environment” by using “lotus booklet” and “Life in Anzali Wetland (videos)” as special materials for Anzali wetland conservation was implemented for secondary school teachers on 14th Feb, 2018. These materials were prepared by JICA cooperation. 15,000 copies of Lotus booklet for secondary school student were printed by EO and JICA cooperation. “Life in Anzali Wetland” including five videos were prepared as visual material to let students understand the Anzali Wetland situation. Around 70 teachers participated from whole Gilan province.

At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Ghezel Hosseini, head of Environmental Education Division (DOE) Gilan, said: “Such conferences are essential for promoting the environmental knowledge and skills of the teachers, and according the agreement signed among DOE, EO, there is the readiness to hold specialized environmental education training courses.

In the following, Mr. Akbari, Deputy of Secondary Education from EO Gilan referred to the objectives of the conference, and described that environment is a very important and serious matter and urged the teachers to recognize the value and importance of protecting the natural environment, as much as possible by knowing the environment of our country, and support the environment of Gilan.

Then, Mr. Hitoshi Watanabe, an environmental education expert from JICA Expert Team in Anzali Ecological Management Project- phase 2, explained the history of collaboration with the EO and DOE Gilan, and referred to the important role of the Environmental Education subcommittee for Anzali wetland conservation and expressed the hope that students and teachers will learn more about the importance and value of Anzali wetland by using the “Lotus” booklet and to take steps to conserve this important habitat.

In the following, Mr. Roshani, an environmental education expert, described the Lotus Booklet as an important educational supplementary booklet for Anzali wetland Conservation which is one of the unique environmental zones in the natural environment, of Gilan province and asked teachers to develop their knowledge and skills in environmental issues.

Finally, the discussion part on how to teach human and environmental lesson by using the “Lotus” booklet effectively was conducted.

Life in Anzali Wetland (Apparat)