The delegation consist of seven high officers in Gilan lead by Mr.Shabanpour, Deputy Governor of Gilan Province, and Mr.Mohamadpour, Project Manager and Director General of Department of Environment Gilan, visited Japan to learn from Japanese good practices considering the situation of the Anzali Wetland from 11th to 21st October, 2016. The programs in Japan were arranged by JICA Expert Team. The delegation was very much welcomed by all of Japanese organizations.

They visited mainly two Ramsar sites, Kushiro Wetland and Biwa Lake, to learn about case studies of Wetland Ecosystem Conservation, Sewage Management, Waste Management and Environmental Education. They also attended the 3rd workshop to foster the partnership between Kushiro and Anzali Wetlands.

Detailed schedule of program in Japan is shown as the table below.

JICA expert team believes that they will utilize what they’ve learned in Japan for the Anzali Wetland Conservation in their respective organizations.


File Name Date Note
JICA_Tokyo 11 Oct. On the first day of the training in Japan on 11 Oct. 2016, members of the delegation had a briefing at the JICA Tokyo International Center about basic matters on the training including outline of the program and basic life information in Japan.
JICA_HQ 11 Oct. The delegation visited the JICA head office in Tokyo on 11 Oct. Mr. Shishido, Deputy Director General and Group Director for Forestry and Nature Conservation of Global Environment Dept. of JICA, gave a welcome speech for the delegation. In response, Mr. Shabanpour, Deputy Provincial Governor, expressed his gratitude on the training in Japan.



11 Oct. The delegation visited Ministry of Environment of Japan. Mr. Kajihara, Vice-Minister for Global Environmental Affairs, gave a welcome speech for the delegation. Then, Mr. Okuda, Director for Biodiversity Policy Division gave a presentation on important wetlands in Japan.
NipponKoei_Dinner 11 Oct. In the end of the day, the delegation was invited for a dinner with some directors of overseas section of Nippon Koei Co., Ltd and discuss and exchange opinion on the project, environmental issues, and cultural and social subject between both countries.
161012_KushiroObservatory 12 Oct. In the morning on 12 Oct, the delegation moved to Kushiro City, Hokkaido (north island of Japan). Firstly, Mr. Kikuch, secretary-general of the Kushiro Wetland International Center, explained about basic information on the Kushiro Wetland, where is the largest wetland in Japan, at the Kushiro Wetland observatory.
161012_KushiroOnnenaiBoardWalk 12 Oct. The delegation walked board walk in the Onnenai Visitor Centor with further explanation by Mr. Kikuchi of KIWC on the Kushiro Wetland.


13 Oct. The delegation visited Mr. Ebina, Kushiro City mayor at the Kushiro City office. Mr. Ebina welcomed the delegation and Mr. Shabanpour gave thanks for his welcome.


13 Oct. The delegation visited the Takkobu Observatory where is located on a hill of the Kushiro Wetland with explanation on the wetland by Mr. Kikuchi of KIWC.



13 Oct. The delegation visited Shibecha high school to see some activities on environmental conservation by students. Some students, who belong to a group of environmental conservation activities, made presentations on their activities. The students and delegation exchanged opinions.
161013_KushiroTourokoVisitorCenter 13 Oct. In the Touroko Visitor Center, the delegation had a lecture by Mr. Kikuchi of KIWC on wetland conservation in the Kushiro Wetland.


14 Oct. The delegation visited the Kushiro Wetland Wildlife Conservation Center under Ministry of Environment. Mr. Terauchi, ranger in the center, made a lecture on wildlife conservation activities under the center. Then, the delegation visited facilities for protection of sick and wounded animals.
161014_KushiroCraneCenter 14 Oct. The delegation visited the Kushiro City Japanese Crane Nature Park, where conducts conservation activities for the Japanese Crane (Grus japonensis) and observed some pairs of the cranes who were protected in the park.
161014_KushiroFriendshipMeeting 14 Oct. “3rd Workshop for Networking between Kushiro Wetland and Anzali Wetland” was held with attendance of relevant organizations of municipalities and NPO in Kushiro City and the delegation. After Mr. Mohammadpour, DG of DOE Gilan, made a presentation on the Anzali Wetland and some conservation activities, opinion exchanges were conducted fruitfully for further cooperation and collaboration on wetland conservation among Kushiro Wetland and Anzali Wetland in future.


15 Oct. Before returning to Tokyo on 15 Oct, the delegation experienced a canoe ecotour, which is operated by local residents as a good practice of the localized ecotourism activities.



17 Oct. The delegation visited the Lake Biwa Environmental Research Institute under Shiga Prefectural government. After taking lecture on environmental conservation in the Lake Biwa and research activities in LBERI, the delegation was visited different research sections of the LBERI.




18 Oct. The delegation visited Mr. Nishijima, deputy prefectural governor of Shiga Prefecture at the Shiga prefectural government establishment. Mr. Nishijima welcomed the delegation and Mr. Shabanpour gave thanks for his welcome.
161018_Biwa_EnvLawLecture 18 Oct. In the Shiga prefectural office, the delegation took a lecture on environmental legislation system, especially water quality-related prefectural bylaw.


18 Oct. The delegation observed removal activity of water plant by using machinery. The delegation made various questions on the machinery to consider possibility of application for the Anzali Wetland in future.



18 Oct. The delegation visited the Lake Biwa Museum, owned by Shiga Prefecture. Mr. Haga, Chief Curator in the museum, guided the delegation in the facilities of the museum, which exhibits natural, cultural, anthropologic, and aquatic subjects for all generations.






19 Oct. The delegation visited a sewage treatment plant with advanced waste water treatment technology near the Lake Biwa, where Dr. Najafi, Gilan provincial governor, was also visited two years ago and a panel of his visit is exhibited in the information center.



19 Oct. The delegation visited the Kouga City industrial waste final disposal site with advanced technology for control and treatment of leachate, where would be good reference for future construction of new final disposal site in Gilan Province.
161020_DistrictCourt 20 Oct. The delegation visited the Kyoto district court to see local court facility in Japan on 20 Oct.
161020_PeacMuseum 20 Oct. The delegation visited the Peace Museum, which is owned by the Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto for public awareness raising for the general public including students on the previous wars by Japan and other countries, to learn one historical aspect of Japan and other countries.


21 Oct. The delegation visited the Ecology Museum of Kyoto City, which is an environmental education facilities, especially for elementally and junior high school students. In addition to exhibition of various kinds of hands-on educational displays, the center building itself equip environmental friendly, low energy consumption devices and facilities.



21 Oct. In the end day of the training in Japan, all the participants received certificates on completion of the training from JICA on 21 Oct.