JICA Expert Team is now supporting to develop eco-tourism products for local people around the Anzali Wetland. On April 15, 2016, a training tour was held for cooking and handicrafts applicants from Jirsar Bagher Khaleh Village. The purpose of the tour was to familiarize the participants with the structure of traditional houses in Gilan Province and the symbols used in them, as well as the know-how to provide hand-crafted items and local cuisine as a source of income and promotion of Gilan’s traditional culture.

Therefore, 55 women of the village who are in handicrafts training and the traditional cooking activists, involved in organizing the village’s weekly market signed up for the tour.

To achieve the tour’s objectives, the participants and the head of the Village Islamic Association visited Rasht Rural Heritage Museum located in Saravan area. As part of the tour, co-attended by the Director of the museum and representative of Gilan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization, the participants visited the museum’s traditional market and some local people, who bake traditional bread and make handicrafts in their houses.

The women of the village spoke with the sellers with enthusiasm and asked them about their products. Interestingly, most of the visitors expressed ideas to set up similar businesses and to use traditional tools and symbols in Gilan Province in the community center to be built in Jirsar Bagher Khalkeh Village in near future.

Later on, the participants visited Talar Khaneh Eco-lodge in Marzdasht Village, Khomam built by Ms. Bordbar, weaver and handicrafts trainer, and her husband. The visitors observed how they can secure an income by using a traditional house and selling local food and handicrafts besides promoting the culture of Gilan Province to tourists.

The tour was organized by Gardeshgaran Paydar Gil Institute, planned by Ecotourism Subcommittee under the Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project – Phase II.

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