In order to proceed with the Anzali wetland project a meeting, on 4th February 2018, were held, at DOE of Gilan, about ongoing activities within the Environmental Zoning and Land Use Management working group. A number of delegates from relevant organizations had attended the meeting, including the director of Local Property Conservation Committee (LPCC) of Anzali and deputy of technical affairs of DOE Gilan.

Also, A range of presentations and reports were given, such as illegal fishing and hunting, illegal possessions around/in the AW by wetland ecosystem expert of JET, Mr. Watanabe, and Mr. Hassanpour, GIS expert of DOE,  respectively, followed by a report given by chief guard, Mr. Akbaripoor, about the current condition of wetland protection by means of a sort of statistics such as the number of captured illegal activities and guns and the role of DOE in reducing the number of these perpetrations inside the wetland.

JICA Expert Team recommends that the enhancement of DOE guard station is necessary. DOE managed the protected areas very well even the resource is limited. However, it is not perfect to control all of illegal activities such as hunting, fishing and land occupation. Because Anzali Wetland is very huge and resource of DOE guard is very limited.