The ground breaking ceremony for the Construction Work for Mountainous Erosion Control at Alenze Sub-Basin was held in 30th April, 2017 attended by Dr. Razavi, Technical Deputy of Natural Resources and Watershed Management General Office (NRWGO), Mr. Aoki, Chief Advisor of Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project-Phase II, Mr. Imai, Watershed Management Expert of the project and other participants.

The construction work in Alenze area is a Joint Pilot Activities (JPA) of the Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project – Phase II in the Islamic Republic of Iran (Anzali Project-II). Alenze Project aims to I) Control erosion in both stream and slope areas, II) Decrease sediment amount, which flows to lower stream of Masal River. Then, these effects will lead to reduction of sediment inflow to Anzali Wetland. As the result, the construction work in Alenze will contribute to Anzali Wetland Conservation.

JICA’s technical and financial support to this JPA started with conducting several researches to select a model basin, integrated study of sediment control in the selected river basin (Masal River), selecting the most effective sediment control activities, detailed design survey in Alenze (funded by Gilan Natural Resources and Watershed Management General Office) and finally employing a contractor and a supervision consultant for the construction work.

The construction operation of this project was started at 1st may, 2017 and it will be finish by the end of summer.