Based on the agreement between Department of Environment and Education Organization, Green schools aim to motivate students, nurture love, awareness, kindness, and passion for the environment and encourage them to be more responsible towards the environment and participate in environmental activities, and to finally promote respecting the rights and different aspects of the ecosystem to be transferred to their families and society as well. 29 schools in Gilan were recently selected as Green Schools. In Green schools, level of environmental awareness and concerns (knowledge) and insight (behavior) of the teachers and staff are raised, making them committed to observe environmental patterns and rules.

On 17th November 2016, an environmental education program was held as part of joint cooperation between Department of Environment, Gilan (DOE Gilan), Education Organization of Gilan and JICA Expert Team.

Mr. Ghezel Hosseini, the head of Environmental Education Department in DOE Gilan explained the role and importance of Green schools to promote environmental conservation programs and change environmental behavior of societies and institutionalize the environmental culture. He added Education Organization especially the schools are included as the main institutions in the society to change the behaviors and improve the culture of the society.

In this program, attended by Ms. Rafiee, Director General of Women and Family Affairs at Gilan Provincial Governor’s Office, Mr. Akbari, Deputy Head of Literacy Movement Organization, Mr. Akhlaghi, Deputy Director General for Secondary Education, Mr. Hosseinzadeh, Deputy Director General for Primary Education, and 18 principals from Green Schools in Gilan Province expressed their comments and suggestions to achieve the educational objectives in these schools.

At the end of the program, the participants visited the bird hide and bird watching tower, where Mr. Watanabe, Environmental Education Expert in JICA Expert Team, provided explanations on native and wintering birds in the region as well as the conducted survey on Anzali Wetland birds.

The Anzali Wetland is very valuable place for not only wildlife also Gilan people. It has also many environmental issues to be solved. Therefore it is very suitable theme as an example of environmental education under green school. JET hopes to introduce experiential EE program by using Anzali Wetland Education Center in Selkeh as one component of environmental education (EE) for green schools. Further discussion is necessary how to connect the EE in green school with the Joint Pilot Activity under the EE subcommittee.