As part of the project, monitoring and land use activities have been supported by JICA Expert Team (JET). In this regard, JET believes that having access to precise and accurate data is the basis for wetland management. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers by providing a fine resolution of object coordinates in both time and space, let ecosystems experts in the Anzali wetland to collect very accurate data from land uses and other wetland terrestrial variables (e.g. Water level, location of boundary of wetland, and etc.).

So, JICA supported to procure a package of multi frequency satellite receiver for GNSSs for better conduction of Joint Pilot Activities (JPAs) under the environmental zoning and land use management working group. The Iran branch of the GNSSs receiver company held a two-day workshop on 15th and 16th of August 2018 for understanding fundamentals of GNSSs systems and the operation their receivers in Tehran with the attendance of an expert of DOE Gilan, Mr. Hassanpour.

This Equipment will be an effective tool to manage the Anzali wetland.