Friendship Beach Festival started to work with the effort of Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults of Gilan. This festival with the purpose of environment protection continued until 5th September 2016 with cooperation of DOE Gilan, Rasht Municipality, Kiashahr Municipality, and Kanoon branches numbers 1 and 2 of Anzali. This festival was a good opportunity to understand the Caspian Sea better, culture and the tradition of people living around the Sea toward the wise and harmonious coexistence of human and nature.

Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults of Gilan (Kanoon) is one of the counterparts of Environmental Education Subcommittee under Anzali Wetland Ecological Management- Phase II that has an important role for Anzali Wetland Conservation by cooperating in implementing attractive educational programs.

The closing ceremony of this festival was held on 5th September 2016, with participation of Mr. Ranjkesh, Director General of Social and Cultural Affairs of Provincial Governor Office of Gilan, Mr. Varasteh, Deputy of District Governor Office of Gilan, Mr. Pourhassan, Director General of Kanoon, Gilan, Mr. Nakagawara from JICA Expert Team, children members of Kanoon branch number 1 and 2 of Anzali and their parents.

The traditional play, recitation of the Epic of Kings, Gilaki Poems, narrating stories, face painting, and making the sandy sculptures by the children members of Kanoon were some parts of this program. In addition before the closing ceremony, EE workshop for making sea creatures like Caspian Seal, Crane, Lotus flower by using the origami art were taught by JICA Expert Team in order to make students familiar with the alive creatures and to protect them better.