The three wildlife refuges and one protected area are the most important cores of the Anzali Wetland Zoning Plan. However there are a few warning signboards on the boundary of each protected area. Therefore visitors and local people could not notice the boundary of protected areas before the project.

JET supported to prepare 30 signboards to be installed around the Wildlife Refuges (WLRs) and Protected Area boundaries inside the Anzali Wetland.

Already 18 signboards of 30-prepared signboards have been installed in previous steps, thus, 4 more signboards were installed in south of Sorkhankol WLR at 6 Jun. Hence, all of the signboards belonging to Sorkhankol WLR (18 signboards) and Selkeh WLR (4 signboards) were installed successfully. The recently installed signboards are on the Sorkhankol WLR boundary which is located in the southern coast.

Signboards installation and preparation were supported technically and financially by JICA with Gilan DOE. Already there are 8 remaining signboards being installed around Siahkesim Protected Area.