A survey team led by Mr.Abbasi from National Inland Aquaculture Institute is in progress to grasp the fish fauna of the Anzali Wetland and its distributaries as a Joint Pilot Activity, “Comprehensive Ecosystem Survey of the Anzali Wetland”. The survey started in March 2016. 52 fish species were captured and recorded in this survey until now.

Mr.Watanabe from JICA Expert Team joined the fish survey at Siahkesim Protected Area in Anzali Wetland on 16th May, 2017. Mr.Abbasi and his team recorded more than 13 fish species such as Keyvan’s spined loach (Cobitis keyvani), Caspian spiny loach (Sabane jewia caspia), Transcaucasian white bream (Blicca bjoerkena), Prussian carp (Carassius gibelio), Mosquito fish (Gambusia holbrooki), Sharpbelly (Hemiculter leucisculus), Common carp (Cyprinus carpio), Rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus), Bighead Goby (Ponticola gorlap), Tubenosed Goby (Proterohinus nasalis), Danub bleak (Alburus Chalcoides), Tench (Tinca tinca), Pike (Esoxlucius).

JICA Expert Team recommended that the amount of fish catchment from the Anzali Wetland should be surveyed in addition to conduct field sampling in the field. Fish production of Anzali Wetland is very important indicator to measure ecosystem health.