The final, 5th program to train the NGOs and Kanoon expert as co-manager and guide of the Anzali Wetland EE center was conducted.

This program was held in presence of 31 participants from Department of Environment (DOE) Gilan, Intellectual Development of Children and Adult (Kanoon), Gilan Women and Youth Environmental Protectors (GWYES), Gilan Women against Environmental Pollution (GWEPS) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) at the Anzali Wetland Environment Education Center on 25th Jan 2018.

To review how to use binocular and telescope, experts practiced and each NGO group practiced showing wild birds to visitors. Fortunately, there were many swans and waterfowls in the Selke Wildlife Refuge.

And then Mr.Watanabe, Environmental Education expert of JET (JICA Expert Team), gave a lecture how to manage the facilities and equipment of the Anzali Wetland Environmental Education Center for public open.

A test was conducted to check their achievement at the last of program. Certificates will be given to the passed trainees.

Trained experts will support to conduct a trial public open to visitors on World Wetland Day (2nd Feb 2018) and all of weekend after WWD until Noruz.