The fifth EE workshop for students in summer season was held on 24th August 2016, in Anzali Wetland EE center located in Selke Wildlife refuge.

This EE program has been implemented for 19 girl students and the teacher of Shahid Bentolhoda Sadr secondary school from Rezvanshahr.

As usual of EE programs, bird watching activity was done outside in bird watching tower and bird hide, during the explanation from environmental education expert of DOE Gilan, Ms. Yousefzadeh, as the field visit.

In this workshop, students became familiar with different species of local and migrant birds through watching DVD, and project newsletter, the implemented and ongoing joint pilot activities by all 6 subcommittees under Anzali Wetland Ecological Management- Phase 2 have been presented by Ms. Junko Masaki, the environmental education expert, from JICA expert team.

In addition, students made lotus after learning the origami art.

According to the questioners, which have been distributed among participated students, most of them enjoyed this program. They claimed that, although it was not the first time to visit the Anzali wetland, but they have not learnt these aspects of the wetland before. Through this program, they understood the importance of the Anzali wetland, the advantages, as well as profits of this rich ecosystem for them and all the creatures, so they will have more effort to recover and save this wetland.