In order to promote the EE activities for Anzali Wetland Conservation, especially by utilizing the Anzali Wetland EE Center located in Selke Wildlife Refuge, EE Workshops will be implemented for the students in Primary and Secondary levels during summer season.

These workshop will be conducted in cooperation with JICA Expert Team, DOE Gilan, and EO Gilan for the students in five cities in and around the Anzali Wetland regularly every Saturdays and Tuesdays, which includes 10 workshops up to the early September 2016.

These workshops are including different programs, such as introduction of the EE programs under the project, introduction of the booklets prepared in Phase-1 project (due to the target groups), playing environmental games, watching the DVD prepared in phase- 1 project (Life in Anzali Wetland), field visit including (bird watching tower, bird hide and walking in the wetland). Students could understand importance of Anzali Wetland conservation through the EE programs.

The first EE workshop in summer season was conducted on Saturday 6th August 2016 in Anzali Wetland EE Center in Selke in presence of the EE expert from DOE and EE expert from JICA Expert Team for 12 students and teacher of Shahid Nahiye Ghanad Secondary school from Rasht.

JICA Expert team, DOE and EO continue the EE programs by beginning of September.