In order to raise the public awareness and to get local communities involved in conservation of Anzali Wetland, an Environmental Education workshop has been conducted for local housewives of Taskooh Village from Masal City as a Joint Pilot Activity under Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project-Phase II.

Gilan Women against Environmental Pollution Society carried out this program, in cooperation with DOE Gilan and JICA Expert Team on 10th January, 2016 in Anzali Wetland Environmental Education Center located in Selke Wildlife Refuge.

In this workshop, instructors explained the importance of Anzali Wetland, focusing on the role of local women in achieving the conservation goals, in a friendly atmosphere, created by them.

The participants in this workshop learnt the role of each component of the wetland ecosystem, position, and the negative impacts of a missing or removed component on the overall life circle.

This was the second workshop for the local women of Taskooh which was entirely supported by JICA Expert Team.