In order to promote environmental education programs for Anzali Wetland Conservation, and prepare the environmental curriculum in primary and secondary schools, this environmental education workshop has been conducted for directors, deputies, and education training experts of Education Organizations in Gilan at Anzali Wetland Environmental Education Center, located in Selke Wildlife Refuge.

This program was carried out as the first step of Joint Pilot Activity “Preparation and Implementation of Environmental Education Curriculum for School Class” of the Project among JICA Expert Team (JET), EO Gilan and DOE Gilan on 19th November, 2015.

Mr. Akhlaghi from EO Gilan explained the agreement between DOE Gilan and EO Gilan in order to conduct Environmental Education programs in schools and noticed that EO is ready to cooperate in EE programs.

Mr. Watanabe who is JICA expert in charge of environmental education and wetland ecosystem conservation had a presentation on Environmental Education Action Plan for Anzali Wetland Conservation, history of Anzali EE center and facilities as well as training programs for EO teachers in the future.

Mr. Ghezelhosseini from DOE Gilan explained the Anzali Wetland current situation and cooperation between EO and DOE. Mr. Rahnama from DOE Gilan explained the experiences of the training in Japan.

Ms. Yousefzadeh from DOE Gilan introduced the environmental education materials including booklets and videos prepared by the project and the conducted programs in Selke EE center until now.

The participants in this workshop have used the bird watching tower and bird hide, which are the facilities of this center for experiential education programs.

JET will support to progress the environmental education curriculum for school class by EO.