An Environmental Education (EE) Program was implemented for primary school students of Jiresar Bagher Khaleh (JBK) Village in Khomam Region on 14th April, 2017.

This program was held with aim of environmental awareness raising for Anzali Wetland conservation, and friendship toward nature and as a part of Joint Pilot Activities under EE Subcommittee (SC) under the Anzali Wetland Management Committee (AWMC) in cooperation with Education Organization and DOE Gilan for 30 students of primary levels of Abu Rayhan Biruni primary school of the village.

The students of the school understood the birds in Anzali Wetland by studying the textbook and understood the importance of conserving the wetland as one of the important bird habitats. In this program students were encouraged their understanding by playing several nature games and finally wrote environmental mottos to support the environment and Anzali Wetland.

In parallel with this educational activity, cleaning activity of JBK Village, was conducted in cooperation with Sarzamin-e-Ideal ma NGO, and a group of villagers in JBK Village, which was arranged by Rural Affairs office of Gilan Provincial Governor’s Office, Khomam District Office, Department of Environment Gilan (DOE), and Ecotourism SC under the AWMC.

Around 105 members of Sarzamin-e- Ideal Ma, and some of the villagers of JBK Village collected the waste along the main road and around the Tash River in this village in the morning.

Dr. Meschian from Khomam District Office, and Mr. Tomoo Aoki, Chief adviser of JICA Expert Team in Anzali Wetland Ecological Management- Phase 2, participated in this activity.

At the end of this program, all the participants visited the Ecotourism Center in JBK.

It should be noted that the Ecotourism Center in JBK will be open officially very soon with an opening ceremony, and will hosted the tourists and nature lovers.