An Environmental Education (EE) workshop was held on 8th October, 2016 coincided with the Children’s Day in Anzali Wetland Environmental Educational Center, located in Selke Wildlife Refuge.

This program has been implemented for totally 36 students including 17 boys and 18 girls who were members of Kanoon’s postal library with 3 teachers and 2 cultural experts of Kanoon in cooperation with Intellectual Development of Children & Young Adults of Gilan (Kanoon), Department of Environment (DOE), and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

At the beginning, the purpose of this workshop was explained to the students and they have received some information about the EE center in Selke, the implemented EE programs in this center in cooperation with Kanoon and other related organizations and the attached facilities including Bird Hide, Bird Watching Tower, the Wooden Path, etc.

In outdoor training, the participated students visited Bird Hide and Bird Watching Tower, and they could observed many resident birds by using the binoculars after they have learnt the instruction of the binoculars. Binoculars are provided by JICA for experiential EE program in Anzali Wetland EE center. While observing the birds, Ms. Yousefzadeh, the environmental education expert from DOE explained the current situation of Anzali Wetland, fauna and flora, and the bird species.

In indoor training, the book on “Birds in Anzali Wetland” was introduced, and students became more familiar with the several species which habitats in Anzali Wetland. They also learnt how to play two environmental games that will increased their information about birds in an interesting way, then they made paper dragonfly.