Construction the station for efficient waste collection and compost promotion is one of the main purposes of Waste Management SC under the Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project. After gathering information about the quantity and quality of generated waste materials through waste characterization survey in Dahane Sare Shijan as JPA village, the process for choosing a land and contactor for constructing the station had been conducted. As the result, with the agreement between JET and contractor, this station will be put into operation up to the end of September 2016.

This station is included three containers with the size of 21 m2 (3*7), 12 m2 (3*4), 4 m2 (2*2) and one structure for dry waste segregation and delivery, Compost packing, Office and compost station in sequence.

Waste segregation and delivering to the station in exchange of small financial and cultural incentives is one of the objectives of this JPA activity. In the same process, organic waste that includes most generated waste in this village will be converting to compost product after passing fermentation process. Final product of compost in this station will be used in gardening and agricultural activities in the village.

Since, Dahane Sare Shijan is located in the vicinity of Anzali Wetland and a river that drains into it, so waste management in this area can play a pivotal role in reduction of waste entry into the Anzali Wetland.