Department of Environment (DOE) Gilan with cooperation of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is going to hold Environmental Education (EE) training course at the Anzali Wetland EE Center under the Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project- phase II. The course consists of five lectures, each held on different days.

The EE Center with facilities such as the watching tower, bird hide is very useful and attractive not only for program participants but also for the public. However, the EE center is always closed for the public because there is not DOE manager due to lack of human resource. The purpose of this course is to train up managers and guides in order to open the EE center for public on the weekend.

The 1st program of this course was held on Thursday 10th August, 2017.

About 16 experts and instructors from Kanoon and NGOs member of EE Sub-committee participated in it. The agenda of the first activity was including to understand how to use the EE center and facilities, to understand the equipment for experiential activity by utilizing the EE Center, teaching how to use these equipment each other and using the Bird hide and watching tower for bird watching activities.

Remaining programs included lecture for Anzali Wetland Ecosystem, lecture for risk management in outdoor activities, lecture for nature games in EE Center and discussion on future utilization of the EE Center.

The second lecture of this training course on understanding the Anzali Wetland Ecosystem will be held on Thursday 24th August 2017 in Selke EE Centre.

It should be noted that the participants will be received valid certificate as the EE expert for implementing the EE program by using the Anzali EE Centre at the end of this training course.