In order to discuss about the budget allocation about the comprehensive ecosystem survey, restoration and conservation activities and monitoring of ecosystem as Joint Pilot Activities (JPAs), working group meeting of Wetland Ecosystem Conservation Sub Committee was held in Department of Environment (DOE), Gilan on 22th Feb. 15 Experts of DOE, National Inland Water Aquaculture Institute (NIWAI), Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture, Gilan and JICA Expert Team were participated.

In the meeting, Mr. Watanabe, the JICA Expert in charge of Wetland Ecosystem Conservation, explained about the draft plan of the comprehensive ecosystem survey as JPA to be conducted in this fiscal year. He recommended the plant and vegetation, plankton and benthos, and amphibian and reptile survey should be started as soon as possible.

The trial of Azolla removal and utilization were recommended as the other JPA. The participant agreed that the Fish way installation in the river inflowing to the Anzali wetland should be started to discuss among DOE, Gilan Regional Water Company, Shilat and NIWAI.

Furthermore, the monitoring of ecosystem in the Anzali Wetland including Selkeh dredging site was recommended as the last JPA. Member of WG has agreed the draft plan of these JPAs including budget allocation.

The result of the meeting will be reported to the Anzali Wetland Management Committee (AWMC) chaired by provincial governor on 23th Feb.