JICA Expert Team is now supporting to enhance the Guard Station function of Department of Environment (DOE) in protected areas in the Anzali Wetland. Drone (Multi-copter) is a supportive and effective tool to manage the wetland. Wetland Ecosystem Conservation Sub-committee planned to conduct a series of Drone Training programs for capacity development of DOE experts and guards. The series of seven training program including field practices will be held until before winter.

The first training program was held at the meeting room of DOE Gilan in order to know basic function of drone and how the drone can be utilized in conservation activity of the wetland on 14th August 2018.

Mr.Aoki, who is the chief advisor of the JICA Expert Team, had a lecture. About 20 DOE experts and guards, who is potential operator of the drone, participated the program. 

Mr.Aoki explained the basic function of the drone at first. And then, many experiences of utilization of drone in the Anzali Wetland were explained such as monitoring of vegetation and wildlife, detection of illegal land use and patrol of illegal hunting.

At last, he explained some risks to fly drone such as how to avoid obstacles, some attention of using drone.

JET is planning to implement more drone patrol with DOE guards for all the areas in Anzali Wetland. In addition, JET continues to enhance the DOE guard station function in order to reduce the illegal hunting.

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