The first workshop to control and remove the invasive species of Water Hyacinth in Anzali Wetland, was held with joint cooperation of Sarzamin-e-ideaale-ma NGO, DOE Gilan and JICA expert team on 22nd August, 2016 in Chakovar village, Somesara.

Sarzamin-e-ideaale-ma NGO is one of the project counterparts under Environmental Education sub-committee, which cooperates in environmental education activity to control Water Hyacinth.

This workshop was held by Sarzamin-e-ideal-ma NGO, managed by Mr. Peyman Bazdidi and five experts and members of this NGO in presence of Mr. Ashoori, head of DOE Somesara, Ms. Junko Masaki, the wetland conservation/environmental education expert of JICA expert team in Chakovar village in order to raise the general awareness of villagers and prevent the distribution of invasive species of Water Hyacinth and manual removal. Ms. Mojdeh Ghorbani, belongs to Sarzamin-e-ideal-ma NGO, introduced Water Hyacinth ecology, and several methods of control and prevent the distribution of this plant in presentation.

Around 30 local villagers became familiar with the problems made by this plant in Anzali wetland and in Eynak urban wetland through the workshop.

Some leaflets including necessary information on this dangerous plant and methods to control it as well as the project newsletters have been distributed among the participants.

In the second workshop, which will be conducted in near future, they will be learned how to remove the Water Hyacinth from the wetland and rivers flowing to it.