Construction of recyclable waste and compost station finished on January 2017 in Dahane Sare Shijan village (DSS), in Khomam district. The construction process had been started from September 2016 by investment of Japan International cooperation agency under the pilot plan of Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project, phase II and Waste Management Sub-Committee.

The area of the station is 100m2 and included 3 containers; one container with 21 m2 area for receiving and segregation of recyclable dry waste, one container with the area of 12m2 for packaging and storing the compost product and one small container with 3m2 as area for office. As well the area of 20m2 has been considered for maturing those compost which are due to be prepared by organic waste and fermented by each residents.

The main purpose of constructing this station is to implement two Joint Pilot Activities of Waste Management Sub-committee known as “Efficient Collection of Recyclable Waste” and “Promotion of Compost” in rural area in Gilan Province.