A Bird Watching program was held on 1st November, 2017 in Anzali Wetland Environmental Education Center, located in Selke Wildlife Refuge.

This program has been implemented in cooperation with Education Organization (EO) Gilan, Department of Environment (DOE), and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), for 20 girl students grade eleventh of Sharaf Public Exemplary School from Anzali City with 2 other staffs from this school.

In indoor activity students received general information about Anzali Wetland and Wetland Ecosystem, the issues and methods of how to conserve the Anzali Wetland through the explanation from Mr. Rooshani, DOE Expert from the Anzali Wetland Ecosystem booklet.

Afterward the participated students visited Bird Hide and Bird Watching Tower to observe the birds and in addition visited the wooden walking path.

In addition students watch the plants under the microscopes, and “Life in Anzali Wetland” DVD was shown to students.

It should be mentioned that some of the participated students in this program will exchange the information about the Anzali Wetland and Kushiro Wetland with the students in Japan on World Wetland Day.