JICA Expert Team (JET) observed flying Bats and took some photos of them around the Sorkhankol Guard Station on 3 Mar 2016.

Bat usually hibernates during winter. Recently hibernation was finished because of high temperature and generation of flying insects. In addition, spring migration of birds has already started. Spring has come to the Wetland!

It is very difficult to identify bat species only by photo. Based on the shape of body parts and color, bat in photos was probably Common Pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pipistrellus).

As a result of our year round mammal survey in and around the Anzali Wetland as the Joint Pilot Activity (JPA), four species of bat including Common Pipistrelle were recorded.

JET will support DOE to conduct the regular monitoring activity in order to get basic information to conserve and to manage the wetland ecosystem.