Mr. Hitoshi Watanabe, Expert of Wetland Ecosystem Conservation of JICA Expert Team (JET) and Mr. Abbas Ashoori, Expert of Astane DOE (Department of Environment) implemented joint monitoring of Azolla on 31st August.

Azolla is free floating plant as invasive alien species which covers very large area of water surface of the Anzali Wetland every year.

Almost whole wetland was surveyed by using motor boat. The survey team has not seen any Azolla in Anzali port, Shanbeh Bazar River, almost of west lagoon (Ab-kenear), Siakesim Protected Area, Nahang Roga River, Sorkhankol Wildlife Refuge and Pirbazar River. In only Sangachin area, west part of the Anzali Wetland, very small amount of Azolla was found around the reed-bed by survey team. Less than 1% of Azolla compared with the last year, covers water surface of the Anzali Wetland. We need to survey more carefully to grasp the phenomenon of decreasing Azolla. Probably high temperature is the reason why Azolla is dramatically decreased. The Azolla would be increased again when temperature would be low. However, it may be good chance of Azolla control.

It should be noted that Water Hyacinth has also not seen in the survey at all.