An Environmental Education Program was implemented for Primary students of Saleke Sar village of Rasht.

This program was held with the aims of raise the environmental awareness and friendship toward nature, in 7th February 2017, and as a part of World Wetlands Day Festival for more than 60 children and young adult members of postal library of Kanoon, center no.1.

In this program in cooperation with Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (Kanoon) Gilan and JICA Expert Team, students participated in various activities including introduction of “Above the Hot Wetland”, “Birds in Anzali Wetland”, and after students became more familiar with the birds in Anzali Wetland after watching the film prepared by JICA in phase-I project, they compared Anzali Wetland with the other Wetlands in Gilan by asking several questions.

Origami and calligraphy workshops with the focus on Anzali wetland were the other activities in this program.