Mr. Aoki, chief advisor of the project, and Mr. Watanabe, expert of wetland ecosystem conservation, presented a panel with its title of “Various activities for environmental conservation under the Anzali Wetland Ecological Management Project – Phase II in Iran” in a poster session on “Nippon Koei ( Group Technical Forum in 2016 – Technological advancement through collaboration -” in central Tokyo on 14th July, 2016. Nippon Koei is a leading company of engineering consulting firm in Japan and has been implementing the project under a contract with JICA. The aim of the forum was to share the technological information in the Nippon Koei Group. The forum was also open to the mass media.

There were many visitors in front of the poster. Mr. Aoki and Mr. Watanabe explained a general outline of the project, various joint pilot activities such as the technology of the satellite tracking of Dalmatian Pelican’s migratory by using ARGOS system. The visitors were interested in the project very much.

Mr. Aoki explaining the Anzali project
Mr. Aoki explaining the Anzali project
Nippon Koei Co.
Anzali Project poster