On Tuesday, March 08, 2016, a joint water quality sampling program was conducted in cooperation with DOE Gilan and JET, as part of the monitoring activities in Anzali Wetland. Monitoring activities are essential to conservation of the wetland. Therefore, the activity was aimed to provide adequate monitoring data, required for planning conservation activities and JICA will continue to support DOE Gilan in conducting sampling and monitoring activities.

In this program, four water samples were taken from Ghazian Bridge, Sorkhankol Wildlife Refuge, West Lagoon, and Pirbazar River, to be analyzed by laboratory of Gilan Department of Environment. The parameters to be tested are total phosphorous (TP), total nitrogen (TN), dissolved oxygen (DO), Salinity, electrical conductivity (EC), pH, COD, NH4-N, NO2-N, NO3-N, and PO4-P.