Well over 1,000 participants have been participated the environmental education (EE) program in the Anzali Wetland EE Center in Selkeh until now in this Project! We are very glad to invite so many people to the Anzali Wetland.

The Anzali Wetland EE center with bird watching tower and bird hide was constructed by JICA in 2004. It is the first wetland education center in Iran. However, after the construction, the center has not been utilized very well. The wetland conservation is very long term mission. Therefore, environmental education for students and local people is one of the most important component of the Project.

JICA Expert Team has supported to conduct the experiential EE program to let people feel real nature in Selkeh. It is the best way to educate students and the local people around the Anzali Wetland. Precisely 58 programs have been conducted and 1,250 people have participated in the Anzali Wetland EE Center in Selkeh from the beginning of the phase II project until 19th August, 2017.

Now JICA continues to enhance the EE center such as renovation of the center and construction of the Biotope. JET hopes the center will be utilized to promote the Anzali Wetland conservation very well forever.