Amphibian and Reptiles Survey has already completed as a part of the joint pilot activity “Comprehensive Ecosystem Survey” under the Wetland Ecosystem Conservation Sub Committee, in Anzali Wetland Ecological Management-phase II, and as a result of the survey, 17 species of amphibians and reptiles were recorded in and around the Anzali Wetland in total. Some of species such as Marsh Frog, Ringed Snake and Dice Snake have very much biomass and they are very important parts of food chain and ecosystem of the Anzali Wetland. High-level consumers such as Common Otter, Gray Heron and Whiskered Tern eat the amphibian or/and reptiles instead of fish because of their abundant biomass.

It is a unique characteristic of the Anzali Wetland ecosystem. On the other hand, it was clarified that some of native species, such as Iranian Long-legged Frog and Caspian Turtle, are very rare and they are faced on human pressure and the other problems.

Hence, NGOs (GWEPS, GWYES and SEI) will implement a seminar in order to share the result of the survey on Thursday, 15th November, 2018 in the Healthy City Forum located in Kushyar Gilani Center of the Observatory, behind the Eynak Wetland, Rasht City.


First Session: (13:00- 15:30) for Members of NGOs, Gilan

Second Session: (16:00- 18:30) for Schools Teachers and Public People

In this seminar which public people, schools teachers, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), can participate freely, Mr. Mozafari, surveyor of this study will report the achieved result.

Address: Healthy City Forum, Kushyar Gilani Center of the Observatory, Shahid Babaee Street, Opposite the Mikhak Park, Eynak Wetland, Shahid Eftekhari Blvd., Yakhsazi, Rasht, Gilan